Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Speed Demon

5.5 miles / 37 min
60 min Body Pump

Ummm So....yeah..... Alan said I should work on my speed to reach my goals of running a sub 2hour 1/2. So I have been. So I think I MIGHT be able to do a 1:45 1/2but I wanted to work on speed some more. Wednesday's I am pressed for time at the gym and I have to pick Sirius up from daycare after Body Pump so I can't double dip. What I do from 3:45 until my class at 4:30 is all that I can do. I figured Wednesdays could start to be my "speed work". Since today was my first day of trying this out I didn't really know what to do or how to do it. So basically I started at .6 faster than I usually run at and figured I would increase at every mile. I ended up at a 9.0 MPH! WTF. I was able to do 5.5 miles in 37 min. That is a 6:43min/mile pace! I am not that quick! I felt great though. I didn't feel too tired or anything. I felt like I was working but I felt like I could go faster. Maybe today was just my day? I don't know. It felt easy and so did Body Pump. Maybe it was the shot blocks???? I don't know but I will take it and I am writing in the books. A great workout and I am proud of myself!

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  1. Girl, you are going to get a 1:30 1/2 are crazy fast!!! WOW!!! Awesome job. Your comment made my day!! Thank you so much!! Thanks for cheering me on...I am cheering YOU on too:)