Wednesday, February 2, 2011


So I got out of work today at noon due to the snow. Which was so nice because that meant Alan and I could go snowshoeing with SWP together. We had a blast. It was so amazing. The fresh snow covering all the trees. No one out and about, just the two of us. Amazing. I enjoyed the afternoon so much just spending it with my boys. It made me forget that I haven't run, nor will I be running. Which is ok. Its ok to take a few days off and cross train or to do something else. It will just make me that much more appreciative when I go out tomorrow. Which I am definitely planning on doing.

Some pictures from our snowshoe trip...


What I look like after Alan hits a tree covered in snow while I am standing under it.

Alan and Sirius posing

Sirius ready to go

Sirius after an hour and a half of snowshoeing. He is quite the snow mutt!

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