Wednesday, April 27, 2011

you found my blog how?!?!!

I was just looking at my google stats to see where my audience is coming from. Mostly from Paula's blog (thanks!!!) but there were also some google searches that landed people here - running capris, kara goucher etc.

However, one referring site caught me off guard. Apparently I have been getting some views from people coming from....wait for it. Fantasy Fiend. I am not passing judgment and clearly I need all the followes I can get as I currently only have 12 - I appreciate you all - please don't ever de-follow, unfollow, whatever the terminology is! I was just caught a little off guard. I am sure it isn't what I am thinking - or maybe its exactly what I am thinking - but it made me chuckle. I would go to the site just to see what a fantasy fiend is but I am at work and am afraid it might not be NSFW.

Ok, now back to running. I am debating on if I should run a 15k race this weekend. Running Mama is doing it and now I want to too! Yes, I am like a child and get race envy and jealous if someone is running a race, or just running outside and I'm not. Yes, I might get jealous after I finish a killer run and am cooking down and a runner passes me and I wish I was just starting instead of just finishing. There even might have been on a few ocassions after getting passed I say what the heck and start running again as I am sure the insane jealously would kill me! Anyways, I really now want to do this race. I looked at the info and it is 20 bucks -not bad- and the thing that sold me, the top 3 finishers in each age group gets a MEDAL! I don't think I have a chance in holy hell to get a medal but just knowing the option is there makes me want to pee my pants and run this race! I will have to look at what the weather forecast is going to be this weekend and see if the race is still open. Basically, I have to be an adult and look at this from all angles (or is it angels?!?!? yes i am stupid!) before jumping in and doing it just because "i really really really want to!"


  1. I'm actually doing the relay portion of the Middlebury Maple Run. I'm bummed it's the same day as the Champlain Classic. You will totally place in your age group you speedy little fantasy fiend!

  2. That's too funny! I was curious, thinking it might be a fantasy video game site or something, um...definitely not work suitable. Or for me, while eating breakfast suitable. Yikes.
    $20 for a race is cheap, do it!

  3. I found your blog through Vanessa^, and so glad I did! :)

    Do it, do it!

  4. Running Mama - now I have to sign up to do TWO races!!! I clearly get runners envy and am afraid of my insane jealously so I clearly will have to do both the middlebury one AND the shelburne one. Now the only question is how do I get a private jet to fly me the 50 miles in the 10 minutes I have?!?!?! haha.

    Ok, as long as Alan gives me the sigh of resignation to not argue with what we should and shouldn't be doing with our money I am in for the Shelburne one. Thanks blogger friends for helping me with this conundrum!