Monday, April 18, 2011

60 miles short

5 miles / 1.0 / 34:30
60min body pump

I just put in my mileage for today and noticed that I am about 60 miles shy for being on target. I am a little disappointed that I was sidelined with an injury and am behind on my goal. I told Alan and he asked, "do you think you'll ever catch up?" I answered yes, and I truly do believe that in the next few months I will make up for my 60ish mile deficit.

On a brighter note, or whatever, I am off to lay in bed (yes, it is not yet 7pm) and am going to watch last weeks biggest loser while Alan monopolizes the tv and watches a stupid movie that I have no interest in watching. I might fall asleep before 8 too. I have been truly exhausted lately. Paula mentioned that I might have low iron. I might be going to the store to pick up an iron supplement soon!

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