Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New Commute and PT update

Yesterday I had my Physical therapy appointment. It went really well. I was told that I could go a week in between visits. WOO HOO! I was also told that getting back into running is fine and if my hip or knee starts to give me issues to stop and reduce mileage etc. I thought that was good and agreed. I knew they were more than likly going to give me the green light to run seeing as how I ran 13 miles on Saturday. It would have been pretty hard for them to tell me to not run for a few weeks or something.

I checked the weather last night for what it was going to be like today. Sunny and gorgeous. So I finally made my first commute via bicycle to work today. I left at 6:15 and got to work at 6:40. Next time I can leave the hosue later as it didn't take me as long as I thought it would take for me to get ready once I got to work. A quick change of the clothes does not warrant 20 minutes! All in all though it was a great commute. Definitely not all flat; good uphills, and some sweet downhills. I am excited to start incorporating this more into a daily thing and really reduce my carbon footprint and not be so reliant on gas and oil. Which is nice when the gas prices are getting closer and closer to 4.00 a gallon in Vermont! I hope to only have to fill up my car once a month or better yet once every other month!!!

Also in other exciting news. Alan and I have been talking for years about joining a local co-op during the summer. We looked into several through the years and I finally sent in the check yesterday for Pete's Greens. We will be receiving once a week a portion of that weeks harvest. This will go on for 17 weeks. I am super excited. I am a huge fan of farmers markets and buying local, organic, fresh produce. I also really want to support local farmers that are working hard to provide local, organic and fresh produce. Win win! I cannot wait until June when we will receive our first weeks worth of food. I signed up for the vegetables and the extra stuff too so am really looking forward to getting some salsa, honey, cheeses and anything else that they might throw into our basket for the week! YAY! I hope I get a ton of tomatoes so that I can have lots of caprese salads and can make fresh tomato sauce and salsa of my own. Yes I am a dork and a hippy! Why buy preservatives and other additives when you can have fresh, local, homemade REAL food!?!?!?! Yeah, when given the option, there is no option! I will definitely do a recap of Pete's after the end of the season and will definitely give weekly updates on what we get for the money we spent so everyone can be well aware how great a co-op is!

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