Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Well this is certainly a change in weather....

4.5 miles / 40:15

I skipped the gym, ran to Alan's work to pick Sirius up and we were off on a 10 mile run. Clearly we didn't hit 10 miles, or even 5. The 1.5 down to the office I was dying. It was hot, humid and miserable. I mean, it was gorgeous and I don't want to complain just a drastic change from the 30 and 40 degree weather we have been having.

I got to Alan's work got some water, picked up Sirius and made the executive decision to head home as I knew it would be too hot for lil' SWP to stand. Alan said I should go the long way home and against my better judgment, I listened to him. Around mile 3 we got to Oakledge park (we would have been home at mile 3 if I went the regular way home). Sirius was DONE.

Thankfully they had the water fountains turned on and I tried to get him some water. The fountain was a little too high for him to just drink from the fountain itself and the angle was a little weird so I couldn't make a waterfall towards him. I tried to pick him up and he hated that. The only way I could figure out for him to get water is if I held the water on with my right hand, and cupped my left and then ferried it to his mouth. Tedious, yes. Effective? Slightly.

I figured we were close to home and he would be alright. WRONG. after that he went from bad, to worse. We had to stop and walk, and then there were points where he found some shade and then would lay in the grass and just pant and look at me like PLEASE HELP ME. It was pathetic. We finally made it home and he got some water.

I remember now why last year I got up at 5am and went on my runs with Sirius. My morning routine will have to start up soon again. I refuse to put him through this again if I can help it. Sorry SWP!

You can tell from our splits how we went downhill....real fast....

On a brighter note, I printed the registration form for the 15k on Sunday and filled it out. They have race day registration so I am going to go early and hope that there is still room. The website didn't say it was closed and it looks like last year they didn't fill up the race so I should hopefully be all set. I am really excited and am hoping that I have a great race! Yay for race season!


  1. Yikes! I always complain about the cold weather, there's about one week in Spring where I'm happy, and then I start complaining that it's too hot to run in!

  2. Go for it! The weather looks okay for the morning on Sunday!

  3. Poor Sirius! :(

    Good luck on your race, you'll do great!