Monday, April 25, 2011


7 miles / 54:40
60 min Body Pump

I am completely exhausted today. My workout was exhausting. I blame the crappy food from yesterday that I ate. I ate a lot of sugar and sweets and know that that is why I am feeling so worn down and exhausted today and made my workout so much harder than it needed to be! Why do I do this? I know what I feel like after I eat unhealthy. Stomach aches, nausea, tired, and like everything is just 21093r50948 times harder than it should be. Harder to stay awake, harder to run, harder to lift weights. Harder. Grr. Oh well. Maybe eventually I will remember well enough and stay far far away from bad things. Over the years I have gotten better with remembering how crappy I feel after crappy food. I typically stay away from fried foods and usually stay away from sweets and sugar. Not yesterday! I made homemade macaroons for my dad and my mom made creme de menthe brownies. Delish! I might have had another brownie tonight for dessert and I might be nauseous again tonight. GRR. maybe tomorrow I will be smarter!

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