Saturday, April 2, 2011

1 + 2 = oh Shoot....

I got back from dinner and the addition and mathematical equations start immediately. Well, they actually started BEFORE we even walked into the restaurant and continued throughout. I wonder if I will constantly do math in my head whenever there is food in the area. Do I ever want it to stop though? I remember when I used to "not care" and that was when things were a little different, like my pant size!

Anyways, here is the recap:
1/2 slice of bread, no butter = 50
1 of 3 anaheim stuffed peppers (1/2 length wise cut anaheim pepper filled with cheese) = 100
1/4 burger - cut the burger in half and then only ate 1/2 of the 1/2 (lettuce, pickles, onion, light mayo, ketchup, no cheese) = 250
1 espresso martini = 200
1 beer = 150
= 750 at dinner oops!

I am really hoping that these are high estimates as I have no idea how many are in anything. We shall see. I am nervous for the weigh in tomorrow.

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