Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Change of Plans

Monday and Wednesday's are my "gym" days. I usually go after work, run on the treadmill and then do my hour of body pump. Today, however, is so amazing outside. It has been raining and thundering for the past few days and I haven't been able to get outside for a run since my run on Sunday. The dog, apparently is also getting cabin fever as he has been naughty at work with Alan. SO, selfless, and as long as the rain holds out I am going to skip the gym and do a long run outside with sir sirius wikius doggus, aka SWP. There is only a 30% chance that it will start raining at 3pm and it increases to 50% for 4-5pm. I figure it isn't supposed to lighning or thunder and the most is a 50% chance that it COULD rain. I think I might take my chances. Basically as long as the skies are blue and it isn't raining at 3:30 when I get out of work I will be picking Sirius up for some outside running along the waterfront bike path. Hopefully the bike path isn't flooded or else we might have to find some alternate routes along the way. Maybe making a detour and running up battery street hill instead? Hmmm, might be good practice for the Marathon :)

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