Sunday, April 24, 2011

Mt. Philo Recap

3.5 miles / 30 something minutes

I did it! I ran up Mt. Philo! I felt strong, empowered, and like I could do anything. I got some crazy looks while I was running up the road and they were walking down it but it made me smile to myself because I knew that they were thinking one of two things. 1. "Dang, that girl is fit and she is running up the mountain. I wish I rocked as much as she does." or 2. "that girl is so crazy, she is running up a mountain. What a nutcase but dang does she look good in those spandex capris!" Ok, maybe I am still high off of the endorphins but I loved it.

Alan came along and he hiked up the trail with Sirius. I got to the top first and then ran 1/4 of the mile down and then ran back up. I forgot to restart my watch so that is why it only shows 3.22 miles instead of the 3.5. On the way down Alan walked down on the road with me and so I took the dog and I would run down and then back up and meet Alan and then run down and back up etc. I had a lot of fun. I think I impressed Alan too. He said I was cruising on the ups when he was with me. I think he is proud of all my training and hard work I have been putting into my training despite my minor set back.

Below you can see the elevation gain and loss and my splits.

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  1. Congrats on conquering Mt. Philo!
    Sounds like a great run and fun time!