Saturday, April 2, 2011

Dinner and Taxes

Alan and I paid our taxes, finally. Yes, we owed money to the Man so therefore procrastinated to pay them. We finally did as the due date was nearing. As a congratulations for - saving so much money only to give it away - and to drown our sorrows, we are going out to dinner tonight. I am very excited. We haven't been out to dinner in a while due to trying to save money. We are going to the Daily Planet. One of my faves. We have a gift card with some money left over that the amazing and beautiful Paula gave to me so we are putting it to good use. Thank God we have a gift card otherwise it would have been Velveta Mac and cheese tonight for dinner, which would not have helped my weigh in tomorrow!


  1. Hey! I found your blog from Paula's! It's so funny, we totally went out to dinner tonight too, and ate too much, and all I could think about after was "Ohhh efff, the weigh in tomorrow!!". Hopefully one day didn't impact it that much!!! WIshing you luck!

  2. I will need all the luck I can get for tomorrows weight in. I was good at dinner but can't we always be better? EEk. I gained last week and am hoping to have just lost what I gained and be back to where I stared....HOPEFULLY! Thanks for checking out my blog and good luck to you tomorrow! I am sure we both will do great!

  3. Mindy melissa, Melissa Mindy!!!! I love that you two lovely ladies connected :) :) :)