Wednesday, April 6, 2011

4 miles never felt so good

4 miles / 35 min

I was told that I could run 5-6 today. That then got downgraded to 4-5. PT said, ugh why not just do 4. Clearly PT stands for Physical Therapist and NOT Personal Trainer. I listened and did my 4 mile loop. I loved every second of every foot fall. It was absolutely glorious. I didn't have a single knee pain during the whole thing. I got home and then did my stretches and did some strengthening hip exercises that I have been given, foam rolled the crap out of my IT band and showered. I feel great. Mentally, I haven't felt better in the past 3 weeks than I do today. I am at peace.

To top off such a great day, my special package arrived that I ordered on Sunday. It was my congratulations - for - saving - a - butt - ton - of - money - only - to - give - it - to - the - government - for - taxes - so - you - don't - lose - your - job - and - go - to - jail. I ordered me an Ipod touch. WOO HOO. I am so pumped. I love my regular ipod but after 5 years together and countless drops and sweat puddles and mileage of being bounced around the reality was that it wasn't going to be around for much longer. Alan broke the news to me and I handled it better than I think he thought I would. I just finished dumping all my music from my old ipod to my computer to upload to new ipod. It's all very technical up in the GMR household tonight!

On another exciting news front my books I ordered came in as well. I read Dean Karnazes 26.2 mile book in like a day. It was that amazing. I ordered his other books and those came in as well as The Runner's World cook book, The Athlete's Plate. I am very excited for a particular recipe (hint: its red, and velvety and yummy and is in a cake form but cupped.....) Red velvet cupcakes are my absolutely favorite dessert. I will deserve these after this weekends race!

I also did some soul searching today. Talk about a busy day for me huh? Running, soul searching and signing for packages from the UPS guy. Anyways, I did some thinking about the race this weekend. A few days ago I wasn't even sure if I could run the race. After todays run and the go ahead from the PT I know I can physically do it, and mentally I obviously can. However, do I really want to go all out, get a great time but maybe push too hard too soon after my injury and risk getting hurt again. The answer, obviously, was no. So, I thought about what I should do. Paula is running this race as well. Its her first race ever. She is crazy and skipped 5k's 10k's or any other race and is doing the 13.1 as her first race. CRAZY. Anyways, I have decided I will run the race with her. She is not a slow runner by any means at all. She pushes it and is quite speedy. However, I think it will be a good balance because her pace is slightly slower than mine however I haven't run in a while so she might have to push me a bit. I think it will also be good because I remember how nervous I was for my first race and it will be good to run it with a friend to kill any nerves she might have. Or that I might have :) I am not completely selfless. I am nervous too! haha.

Here is to a great race this weekend and no knee pain at all!!!! I am going to ice tonight just to be on the safe side and not have any pain for tomorrow.

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