Saturday, April 30, 2011

What to wear, what to wear

5 mile walk with SWP

So tomorrow is going to be 45 at around 9 when the race starts and will go as high as 55 by the end of the race. The "rule" is to dress for 20 degrees warmer than what it really is when you are running. So with that in mind, 65-75. I have no idea what to wear. My last race was the 1/2 unplugged and it was low 40's the whole time. I wore a pair of capris and 1/4 zip top.

I have Red, white, black, greenish/gray, purple and light blue. I wore the light blue at the unplugged and don't want to wear that again.

However, I am really loving my running skirts and wanted to wear one.
I have a white one and a black one.

The white one probably would get pretty muddy and might look like I pooped my pants like some runners....

So I think I will wait on the white until the roads, sidewalks, and trails are not muddy so there is no question in anyone's mind that I DID NOT have a bowel movement while trying to PR.

I also have a huge array of Nike Tempo shorts...

Can you tell that I am stuck though on what to wear. Shorts, Capri's, Tank? Running Mama what are you wearing?!?!!? BTW I don't have any running t'shirts so don't say capris and a t-shirt. Yes, I should probably get some of those in the future...we'll see. haha


  1. I think I'm going shorts and a short sleeve shirt with half zip for backup just in case. It's supposed to be 49 at the start so hopefully I will warm up fast.

  2. Good luck on your race! Wow...that picture. I'm with you on the white skirt, haha!