Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Just what I needed

3.4 miles / 1.0 / 24:10
60 min Body Pump
2 miles / 1.0 / 14:10

I had a great run, which was just what I needed. I have been mildly stressing recently with my running. I feel like I am not where I used to be and that my running has been more of a struggle. Maybe this is because I am doing more recently on the treadmill and less outside? Not quite sure. I just feel like it has been a struggle. I felt like today was a good day.

I am hoping that the rest of this week will be nicer than it was today, THUNDERSTORMS, and I can run outside tomorrow with the dog! I know he will appreciate that! I am hoping to go this weekend to Mt. Philo and run up the access road. Get in a good hill burn! Not sure how well I will fare but it will be great training and a great sweat!


  1. You might be my hero. :)

    "run up the access road"... Seriously rugged!!! And impressive. :)

  2. it will only be rugged and impressive if I can actually do it! Despite success or failure, expect a great blog post about my adventures! haha.