Saturday, April 30, 2011

Its a beautiful day - U2 aint got nothing on me!

Today is absolutely amazing out right now. I am jealous that I am not out for a run. However, I want to save my legs and keep them fresh for tomorrow. I think I have Alan conned into a walk with me so that should hopefully help me be less jealous of the people out running. OR will make me more jealous as we will see TONS of runners out on the bike paths. Oh well. Tomorrow is supposed to be gorgeous as well and I am pumped up for my 15k.

I have my "race pace" in my head and will set my Garmin's virtual runner to reflect that. I am really hoping to place in my age division and looking at last years times I MIGHT stand a chance. 3rd place female in the 20-29 age group ran an 8:34 min pace. I KNOW I can beat that if my head is in the game. 2nd Female in my age group ran an 7:21 m/m. That is a little fast for me but who knows. I have pulled off faster but shorter distances. I know I am not where I was pre injury but am hoping that I have gotten some of my speed back. WISH ME LUCK! I really really really really want a medal. (they are homemade I believe and super fun!)

Today Alan and I went out to brunch to a local pizza place, American Flatbread. They make the best breakfast pizza (eggs benny anyone?!?!!) I am also obsessed with their salad so that's what we got! Alan and I talked about my future with running and where I see my pace being at the end of this season. He said a lot of encouraging words and it made me realize how much I rely on him for my strength. If I didn't have such a strong, supportive husband that encourages me to pursue my running and listen to me when I have a good or bad race and helps me find ways to improve my weaknesses I wouldn't know where I would be. Thanks A-pod for being You! He even suggested, and volunteered to drive me to the start of my relay for the marathon and meet me at a few of the checkpoints to drop off water and fuel and to meet me at the finish next weekend for a "dry run". It made me really appreciative as it is almost 2 miles from where we live to the start of the relay and about 3 miles from the finish. I wanted to do a practice run but didn't want to do the extra 5 miles to get to the start and home from the finish. I think we will do this maybe next Sunday so that I still have a few weeks from the actual race to rest up and to gear up. How jealous are you that you aren't married to him. Yeah he is pretty amazing!

Well I am off to enjoy my Saturday with a nice....walk (bah) Check back for tomorrows race recap. Hopefully Alan will remember the camera and I can upload some great race pics for you all to see :)

Also, everyone should go check out the awesome give away that the pace of me is having. Mile Markers - The 26.2 Most Important Reasons Why Women Run by Kristin Armstrong. If I don't win this giveaway, which I never win any giveaway so not holding my breath, I will definitely be buying this book right after I finish Kara Gouchers book. So everyone head over and become a follower and enter to win the give away!!!

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