Thursday, April 7, 2011

What I'm Listening to

Since I got a new ipod that has 2g's more than my last ipod (30g now 32g) I figured I would download some more music. Yes, I am a music freak and completley fill up my ipod and legit listen to all my music. I had to delete some before and it about killed me. Luckily I backed it all up and now have all my music. I probably should have spent the extra 100 bucks and got the 64g. Oh well. Next time maybe. Anyways onto the goods *some of these are older and some have already made guest appearances on my blog before. I made a little playlist for today and this is what it includes: Robyn - dancing on my own. I like the original but the remix is where its at! Rihana - S&M Britney Spears - Till the World Ends Katy Perry - E.T with Kanye Kanye West - All of the Lights The Roots - The seed 2.0 Rihana - Rude boy (this was my summer 2010 song along with Akon Sexy Bitch) Teenage Crime - Adrian Lux Axwell Remix On a side note: I downloades senuti to dump all my music from my ipod to my computer to my new ipod. I am not overly thrilled with what it did. Some of the songs that I have listened to didn't fully download and they are a little jumpy. Not impressed. I need to figure out which ones are messed up and re-download them or something. VERY ANNOYING. I probably should have weeded through things and done it manually instead of automatically dumping everything and uploading everything. Oh well. You live and learn!

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