Saturday, April 16, 2011

Life recap

3.9 miles / tm / 32 min
60 min. body pump (did my hip strengthening exercises during lunges but did the squat track - baby steps people!)

Yesterday I ran down to Alan's work, picked up Sirius and then ran home. The run down was quick. I felt really strong and back to my old self. Looking at my splits you can tell my pace significantly went down when I got the dog! It was 1.5 down to the office and 1.5 back. Puppy definitely wasn't in the mood to run. He had quite the play date at the office with Alan's co-workers dog, Sebastian, and he just wasn't in the mood for the run like I was. I wanted to go further than 3 miles but knew it just wasn't going to happen so went straight home.

After my run I got home, showered and got ready for my girls night. A few of my friends and I got tickets to our local theatre for the musical Chicago. Chicago is one of my absolute favorite shows and two of my friends were in the cast so I clearly had to go to support them. I had so much fun. The play was amazing and am so thankful that we were all able to carve out time during our busy lives to get together. Girl nights are few and far in between and I miss them. I really want to start having them more often as I think it is really important to hang out with your girl friends. Plus, it is always hysterical to hear the new pick up lines from guys!

Last night when getting out of my car and walking through the park with my friend Kim we heard a guy shouting. I tend to ignore stuff like that so I kept walking. Then a girl walked by and said, "I like your shoes and clearly he does too." I was a little thrown off guard. What was she talking about? Kim then told me that the guy that was shouting was saying "nice shoes. I have a foot fetish." and apparently he also said I had nice legs. Gee, thanks! Although, it did make me slightly less self conscious since I was wearing my first ever skinny tight fitting pants and wasn't fully comfortable in them as they are soooo different then what I normally wear for pants.

Today, I got up and went about my usual Saturday routine pre injury. I got up at 6:20am took the dog out and got ready for the gym. The gym opens at 7am on the weekends and I get there right as they open the doors to ensure ample time on my treadmill.

I didn't want to push it too much since I am still recovering so I only did 3.9 miles. I was tired of seeing a fraction of a mile in my mileage tracker so thought I would end that today. I wanted to go further but like I said, still trying to recover and didn't want to push too hard too fast. My right foot is giving me a little bit of an issue. I think I tried to over compensate a little bit for my knee and tweaked my stride or something last weekend. Who knows. I started to feel it during the run so I called it quits.

It felt so great to be on a treadmill again though. I know, I am so weird. I just am so happy to be back to running. I missed it so much. I also had a lot of fun at Body Pump as well. I even did squats today which was "nice". I lowered my weight that I normally do by 1/2 so it wasn't too much of a challenge but at least got me doing the motions of them again. I skipped the lunges completely as I felt that would be too much for my knee and didn't want to push it. I also started to feel a pain in my knee during the squats and knew I was maybe pushing it too much for today. Baby steps.

After the gym I got home and foam rolled. I noticed tonight that I gave myself a bruise from my foam roller. The PT said that it is common but I have never heard of anyone bruising themselves on a foam roller. Am I weirdly talented for being able to cause myself bruising from something with the name "foam" in the title? I am basically a walking disaster! Oh well. At least I am a "running" disaster now! Thank goodness!!!!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend so far! I desperately needed a mental break from work and am so happy to be having a relaxing weekend!

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  1. I always bruise myself with the foam roller and look like I'm a victim of domestic abuse. Planning on some serious black and blues after I do my long run this morning! Haven't been able to get any good mileage in during the past 2 weeks so I'm sure my ITB will be tight and screaming when I roll it. I have a black one and it's really, really hard.