Tuesday, April 26, 2011

5 days...

Since the 15th I have run almost 45 miles. I still have 40 more miles to run to end this month up with 100. I didn't not want to reach 100 and be even further from my goal and make the next month more of a catch up month. I am a little stressed when I realized what numbers I need to put up for the next five days.

Yesterday I ran 7 miles, today according to my plan I need to run another 7. Wednesday 6.5, Thursday 8, Friday NBD 10, and Saturday a nice easy 9. Ummm. I don't really see this happening considering that my old shoes I have been running in are on their last leg. Which is why I think my hips, knees, calves, everything have been extra sore.

I need to break in my new minimalist New Balance that I got but I know that if I try to put up big numbers back to back in minimalist running shoes I will be dying from soreness. So...I see a lot of 4's and maybe some 5's in my future but certainly not 8, 9, or 10. Not in these shoes at least and I really don't want to drop any more money on another pair of shoes. Although, it will need to be done sooner rather than later as I like to have at least two pairs. One for the gym, and one for outside.

Currently I have my New Balance minimalists as my outdoor shoes, so maybe I will have to buy one more pair and then be done for another 300-500 miles. Sorry Alan. I am trying not to spend money. It's just hard sometimes!!!! Shoes are cheaper than more visits to the PT!


  1. I was just looking at those shoes at EMS. I want to try them! Do you still use the five fingers?

  2. I do still have the 5 fingers but its been too cold to break those out. Again, those are shoes that you have to break in which was fine when my typical mileage was 3 miles last year. Now, to break in either pair of shoes I have to break them in after a normal run so its annoying. I just need to put in the time though because they definitely help with preventing injuries etc. But I am thinking I need to buy a pair of shoes that I can continue training in and run the 1/2 in next month...we'll see. I am goign to go to New Balance today on my lunch break and check out their shoes. I love me some New Balance!

  3. The girl working at EMS suggested that if I wanted to try the five fingers, wear them for a mile then change into my other sneakers and continue on my run. I honestly don't see myself switching shoes during a run.