Sunday, June 12, 2011

Why do you like (love) to run

In HRG's most recent post she talked about the marathon that she got to run 3 miles in post dual femoral stress fractures and how glorious those 3 miles were and how excited she is to be getting back to running. She ended the post with a question: Why do you like (love) to run. This was my response:

It is the one thing that I do for me. It's the time that I carve out for myself and nothing can interrupt it. It's my "selfish" time. The time that I can think, say, listen to anything that I want. It's all about me during my run. How I feel, my pace, my mileage. It's my own therapy where I am the patient and the therapist. It's the time that I feel the strongest and the weakest. The bravest and the most scared. It's because of all these emotions, and feelings that I love running so much. It's all the pain and the glory that keeps me going.

Semi sappy but it's all these reasons why I love it, and why I do it, and sometimes why I hate it. Running isn't just about one foot in front of the other over and over. It's about the feelings that running elicits. The feelings in response to the action of one foot in front of the other. How brave, as runners, we sometimes have to be when running. How strong we feel after we have been running. It is the sweat, the tears, the perspiration, the work, the drive, the stiffness and soreness that drives me, that inspires me to work harder than I ever felt I could work. To go faster than I thought I could. To push myself to the limits over and over again. It is all of this and all of the reasons I have yet to discover that I love to run.

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