Tuesday, June 21, 2011


3 miles with Alan

I am definitely in a funk today. As the day goes on my funk has gotten funkier. Things that I am funking about:

1. giving blood tomorrow - some people I work with take blood drives VERY seriously. Like pressuring others to give blood and guilting you into signing up. You sign up to get them away from you and to stop talking and hoping that from then to when the blood drive is you develop an illness, or you lose enough weight to not qualify to give blood. I know it saves up to 3 lives when you donate blood, however, when you are training for races and that is important to you it is hard to stop mid training to donate blood. However, if you address this issue with the "vampires" they make you feel like a jerk for putting your fitness above the life of another. I did some googling and everything I have read it says to not donate during training for a race especially a race that is longer in distance. GRRR.

2. I am feeling really defeated for the race on the 10th. I am nervous that going away on vacation so close to my race will interfere with my training and that I will totally bomb. It is going to be an incredibly tough race with lots of hills and I am nervous if I am ready for it or not. It is a good thing that the race is giving out finisher medals otherwise I would be definitely reconsidering this race. Good thing also that R4J signed up at the VCM expo otherwise I don't know if I would have sent in my packet....

3. I am so excited to go on vacation. More importantly I am excited to not have to work for a week and a half. Not so excited to be in the middle of no where. However, there will be lots of time for me to run and to train for the 1/2 marathon when I get back I guess.

4. I hate going away on a vacation though because I feel like there is so much to do before we leave. Laundry, cleaning and packing. Ay ay ay.

So those are my issues right now. Laying on the couch, in the dark and watching 16 and pregnant where are they now is making me feel much better.

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