Thursday, June 23, 2011

CSA first pick up

Yesterday was our first pick up of our summer CSA. I was so excited to see what the first week would include. Here is what I can remember from what we got:

6 potatoes
1 head of red leaf lettuce
1 head of mustard greens
1 bag of mesculan salad mix
1 bag of spinach
1 bunch of sage
1 bag (12) foagies (focasia bread rolls)
1 container of goat cheese
1 dozen eggs
1 bunch of garlic scapes (the shoots that grow off the garlic bulb)
1 bag of frozen red peppers

I think that is it....I think I remembered it all.

Oh wait, I forgot the biggest thing. 5lb bag of oats! Yes 5lbs of oats. Needless to say I have been googling recipes to use these oats in besides making the obvious Oatmeal rasin cookies!

As you can see, we got a lot! Last night we wanted to make a healthy, local dinner with our bounty. I wasn't feeling great so Alan made a delicious breakfast dinner.

He cut up the foagies to make little squares and halved them so they weren't so thick. He coated with oil and put the garlic scapes on top to make garlic toast and baked. We fried up eggs. And he also made potatoes by adding some onion, red peppers and garlic scapes. Everything was so amazing!

I am so glad that we finally joined a CSA. everything was so fresh, the produce was amazing looking and even better tasting. The CSA that we joined is Pete's Greens and I coudln't have been happier so far. Not only do they give you a heads up with what you are getting via email a day or two before pick up, but they also give you some recipe ideas to make for that weeks harvest. So helpful. There was a recipe for a salad dressing that I made this morning and will be using it on todays lunch salad. I will post the recipe and let you all know how it was after lunch.

I will also post some of the Oat recipes that I found and pictures from my baking adventures today and tomorrow. I figured since we are going away for a week and a half we would want some quick, easy on the go things like apricot walnut cereal bars, and energy bars etc. Something to get geeked up about shortyly! I am by no means a baker but I like to bake when I have a mission. This is definitely a mission!

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