Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Run like a Hungry Runner

I emailed the speedy Hungry Runner Girl what she does (did pre-injury) for a track workout to boost her speed. I wanted to start doing track workouts myself (have done one that kicked my bum like no other). I know doing tempo workouts will boost my overall speed and the things that are the hardest are sometimes the things we need to do the most but seriously, tempo / speed / track workouts are HARD. Like really hard. I don't think I was really even doing it right the one time I did them either. Here is a glimpse of what speedy Janae does for a track workout:

800 at 3:05 (5k pace)
One recovery 400
Repeat 10 times...I KNOW A LOT but do less if you need because I think it forced me to over do it.

1600 @ 6:20 (10K pace)
recover 1-2 laps
Repeat 6 times....once again I think 4 is plenty for this workout!!

Ummmm for realz? Insanely hard. However, what doesn't kill us, I guess, makes us stronger. SO speed workouts are on tap for me.

I know with absolute certainty that I cannot run an 800 at 3:05 if I have intentions of running more than one. I also know that I cannot run 1600 (4 laps on the track and 1 mile) at a 6:20 pace. However, these are amazing goals to shoot for and eventually I know I will hit them. I am going to attempt to do a speed / track workout in the near future and we'll see where I am at with my times. I think if I do these once a week and keep diligent notes I am sure to see results and will see my time getting faster and faster - at least I hope so!

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  1. These are some seriously tough speed workouts, wow! I think trying for a few less of the repeats will be fine for me--but I may try them on the track soon!