Thursday, June 9, 2011

Planning for an afternoon delight!

Get your mind out of the gutter!

I checked the hourly weather for tomorrow and imagine my delight....

Well, hello there my old friend, Mr. 70 degrees! Don't mind if I do!

It has been so hot, humid, muggy, stifling, rainy, thunderstorm and lightning all up in here recently. Which is so not Vermont in June. Usually, June in Vermont is 70 and sunny. Not 90 and humid. I am so excited that the weather finally realized that this is Vermont and NOT Georgia and got with the program.

I plan on getting up early in the morning and doing a morning run. Heading off to work (maybe on my bike if I don't get too crazy on my morning run) and then, to take full advantage of the weather, go for an afternoon run, or better known as an afternoon delight in my book!

I love when my mind and the weather cooperate. I was really hoping that I could get in some good runs this weekend. After May 29ths race I have been somewhat defeated. I just felt like after my knee injury I sort of stopped working hard. I still ran, but not to the ability that I know that I can. Also running in the heat and having the issues I had at KBCM I just felt mentally not where I should be nor physically where one should be when "training" for a 1/2. I am really hoping to get back on track and get to where I was pre-injury. I was running a lot more and at a faster pace. I want to get back there. I want to be able to hit my 1:45 target. If not for the Mad Marathon then definitely for the ones coming up in the fall -leaf peepers (oct 3rd) or the Green Mountain Marathon (Oct 16th). I know physically I can do it, I have done it on the treadmill. I think mentally I will hold myself back. SO, knowing that, I need to push myself to the limits for the next few months so that mentally I know I am strong and can handle pain, endurance, speed and ultimately satisfaction for reaching my goals!

Do you guys ever get mental road blocks that keep you from reaching your goals?
I do all the time. I have caught myself looking at my watch pre-Garmin during a race and slowing down because it made me nervous how fast I was going! WHAT? I know, I know.

What do you do to prepare yourself physically and mentally for a race?
I train and train some more. However, I need to re-vamp my training and look toward the professionals to get some advice on how to increase speed etc so that I get the results that I want. I know I can finish 13 miles, but what I don't know is if I can finish in a certain time frame.

What are some of your goals for this summer? Running related or not.
I want to get as many half marathons in this season so that next year I know I will be ready for a full. I also want to hit my goal of getting 1:45:00 as well. Non running related I just want to enjoy the summer and some vacation days I have planned - going up to Maine, relaxing by the lake and reading my running books I got in the mail yesterday!

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