Thursday, June 9, 2011

I've been bad lately

4.0 /1.0 incl/ 31 ish min
60 min body pump

3.0 miles doing hill repeats OUCH

I have been really busy lately and have been neglecting my blogging buddies! SORRY!

I have been feeling really run down and tired lately and the heat isn't helping. I feel like it just zaps all my energy out of me. SUCKS. I am taking today off from running (i think the weather is supposed to be rainy, thunderstorm and lightning - so that makes my decisions for me!) If it isn't that bad I might run to Alan's office but a rest day does sound awfully appealing!

Yesterday I got home from the gym and picking SWP up from day care (yes, our dog goes to day care once a week - don't judge!) and was anxiously awaiting the UPS guys arrival. He delivered yesterday my order from Amazon which included several books (mile markers, running on empty, once a runner and the Runners World compilation of running stories from the magazine throughout the years) It also had some dog treats thrown into the box as well. He also delivered a very exciting gift for Alan from Nike.

Since Alan has been starting to run and has been running more and more and further and further with me we wanted to get hime some good running shoes. The ones that he had I think were messing up with his natural running gait and it started to give him achy hips. So we designed a pair of the 3.0 frees from Nike. It was soooo much fun to design them. Alan made them black, grey and white with lots of green accents! We also personalized the tongue on the shoe and we put Left and Right. TOO FUNNY right? ANYWAYS, Alan is wearing them today to try to get used to them. He isn't used to running shoes and is complaining they are too tight. Well they aren't supposed to be a loosey goose! Your meant to feel the sides of the shoes so they don't slip off your feet! Hopefully he likes them and we can go running this weekend together! I am definitely holding out hope that next year when I run the KBCM full marathon that he will maybe be on a relay team and I will be able to run part of the distance with him. Yes, sappy, I know! A girls gotta have dreams!

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