Wednesday, June 22, 2011

O. M. G.

Because I like to torture myself and wreck more havoc on my self I went to the Mad Marathon website to look at the course map and see if they might have an elevation level chart. Boy do they.

Basically the first mile will be nice - going from 700 to 500 feet. After that the real hell sets in. Climbing from 500 to 1,000 in 1.5 miles. After that we drop back down again on a nice downhill section only to climb for a total of 5 miles!!!! Luckily after that hellish climb we will go downhill for the rest of the race except for a baby incline at the end.

I am feeling even more unsure of myself after looking at the elevation to mile ratio. I am so thankful that I had the wits about me to not sign up for the full. Thank God! I am so nervous. I feel like this next week I should really amp up my training do an extra long run (15 miles to help compensate for the hills) I just looked at some of my hillier routes that I had recently and those hillier routes do not compare. I think I will be lucky if I finish the race. That's right, lucky if I finish the race period. I know I will finish it, but my time, not even going to worry about it. I will obviously wear my Garmin during the race but I think I might just not look at it at all. Look at only the miles to see how much longer this hellish tourture will continue but that will be it.

You know the race is goign to be so bad when people you look up to as runners laugh and say that there was no way they were going to sign up for that race with all those hills. Ouch. At least it will be a great learning experience and something I can say I did. I guess.

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