Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Fathers day and a 10 miler

10 miles / 1:28:26

I had absolutely no motivation for a long run today. I knew I needed to do a long one, just didn't have it in me to motivate myself. I texted R4J early to see if she would be doing a long run and if we could do it together. No answer. hmm. Ok, I need to motivate myself. Just as I was giving myself a pep talk about how great of a runner I am and how I will only get better with more practice of long runs I got a text. It wasn't from R4J but it was from another friend whom I have been doing some runs with. She wanted to do a long run. Score! We headed out at 9am and did a 10 miler. We did a hillier route similar to the one I did last week but the wind was making it that much more difficult. I think we did exceptionally well considering the hills, the wind and the lack of motivation on both of our parts.

I am getting more and more nervous for my half on July 10th. KBCM really defeated me and I need to get my head back into the game. I need to stop dwelling on my past injury and the fear that is holding me back from really pushing myself. I need to look at my training that I did prior to my injury and get some of my speed back. I need to know that I did all that I could and trust my training for this one. I feel like I am doing more long runs than I did prior to KBCM and am hoping that these will boost my confidence. I figure if I keep a 9 min/mile pace then I will be happy with my time. However, the course is going to be a killer with tons of hills so maybe a 9 isn't possible. I just want to know I did all that I could and did the best that I could. Isn't that all we can ever ask for from ourselves?

I am glad that I got my long run in early because now it is on to celebrate Father's day. Alan and I are heading over to my parents for a bbq and the weather couldn't be better. Cannot wait! I love hamburgers and hot dogs and salad and all the fun seasonal stuff. So pumped!

What did you guys get your dads?
I got mine a Dicks Sporting Goods gift card - a little bird told me that someone needs new sneakers and my dad is notorious for buying uber cheap sneakers. Like 14.99 from Wal-Mart cheap! yeah, I know. Who is he?

What summer foods are your fave?
I love berries that are so fresh and ripe this time of year. Also love some corn on the cob and salads. However, I do love hamburgers, hot dogs, pasta and potato salad too. Not the healthiest but a little bit wont kill you!

What are your father's day plans?
Heading over to the parents house to relax and celebrate my dad!


  1. Great job getting the long run done even when you weren't feeling it! Sadly I'm nowhere near my dad (or father-in-law) this year!

  2. I think we should drive the route of the Mad Half so we can check ou the hills and assess our goals accordingly.. Whatcha think?