Saturday, June 18, 2011

11 Miles

This week was really hectic. However, I can't believe that I only did 11 miles this past week. Really? I did 10 Last saturday alone and only did 11 Sunday through today. WOW. That is some serious low mileage.

I know that I should probably lace up my sneakers right now and really push it to the max and close out the week at a higher mileage than 11. I just am feeling lazy. I only did a 3.5 miles yesterday but those trails kicked my bum. My ankles, knees and hips are a little sore from the tight turns and the trying not to fall the whole time.

I don't know how I feel about trail running right now. I used to think that I liked it. Honestly though, I was just pretty nervous and unsure of every step the whole time. I tripped a few times and almost fell but thankfully I have the grace of a ballerina and was able to catch myself every time.

I do think that trail running, at least the trail I did yesterday, pushed me. I might have gone much slower than I would have if I were on a regular road, but I felt I was working much harder and using muscles I don't use a ton. Which is good. Maybe incorporating a weekly trail run will help my overall running and I might learn to enjoy the toughness that it is. I mean, running through trails is unbelievably beautiful and peaceful compared to running on pavement along a highway or whatever. However, my crazy mind that I have any noise from a chipmunk scurrying to seek shelter or a crack of a branch or ruffle of a leaf sent my heart racing fearing that someone was chasing me. Clearly I have issues and I should most certainly seek counseling!

Ok. I am going to read some of my trail runner, runners world or running times that came in the mail the other day to find inspiration and motivation for a good run today. Wish me luck!

ps. Thanks Gourmet Runner for noticing on my last post that I wrote 30ish miles and not minutes! You are right that would be crazy and I most certainly am not up to that YET haha. Teach me to write a blog late (10pm) at night!

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