Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I've been Slacking

60 min body pump

I didn't run today, again. The past couple of days I just haven't felt well and then today I was planning on running and doing my normal routine at the gym however the class for work that I signed up for didn't end until 4 and Body Pump starts at 4:30 so not enough time to run. Oh well. Tomorrow I want / need/ dreaming/ can't stop thinking about running! I cannot wait. I had a great, high mileage weekend and wanted to keep the ball rolling. Oh well. It will be starting up soon!

Today was a good day regardless of the lack of miles that were run. The training I am in for work is about Leadership for non supervisors. I am learning a lot about how to lead people to do the things I want them to do on my timeline! Just kidding. Sort of. I think I am missing the point of this training. Good thing I have the training for two more days so I can fully understand what the objective of the class is!

Tonight Alan and I did our typical Wednesday date night. We went to the Spot, which is a local restaurant less than a mile away from our house that specializes in "california / hawaiian surf food". I love their fish tacos, their seafood curry, salads and everything else they have on the menu. They are open for breakfast and lunch and in the summer open for dinner. It is one of my and Alan's favorite places to go since it is so close, the food is amazing and we can walk there with Sirius and eat outside. SCORE! I got the beef fajitas tonight and Alan got a salad (who is he?) we shared it all and because Alan was so good by getting a salad he ordered a brownie sundae. I love that man! It was amazing. I didn't feel TOO guilty since we walked there and home to burn off soem of the calories. Perfect night. So happy the weather is cooperating and is being summer and not late fall! Yay Vermont for getting with the program! Hope all had a great Wednesday!

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  1. I want to run with you! Ugh this week is crazy busy at work so I have missed a few runs, too. Maybe Friday?