Saturday, May 28, 2011

Will I even get to run?!?!?!?!

Tomorrow is supposed to be unseasonably warm for Vermont. They are expecting a high of 82 degrees. Ok....That sucks, but do able. However, I just did the hourly forecast and it looks like it is supposed to thunderstorm. My question now is not if it will be too hot for me to PR my question now is, will I even get to run my leg? The marathon starts at 8am. If Paula run's what she ran at unplugged which was slightly under 2 hours add some time on for heat, and the start of the race being slow and predicted end time will be closer to 10:30 maybe. Well, according to the predicted hourly forecast for 10 is 71 - ok that is good, BUT thunder! Umm...will the race directors let us run in thunder and lightning? Isn't that really unsafe?

I guess, we just have to sit back and wait to see if there will be a race or not tomorrow. Will they post pone it? It isn't supposed to be any better later on in the day. Will they just cancel is completely? Seems like a huge event to just out right cancel it, not to mention all the out of towners that have spent time traveling and money on accommodations. So I guess its up in the air and no one will no until something actually happens. All I know is, I really want my medal!!!!


  1. It says 20% chance at 10 am.. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed!

  2. Apparently I can't read.. Haha 30%

  3. yes, 30% that it will thunder and lightning. Keep crossing everything and I will too! I am thinking light colors tomorrow to not attract the sun, however, if it rains, light colors aren't the best....decisions decisions!