Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tornadoes, Thunderstorms and Flash Flooding

Apparently, mountainous Vermont CAN get tornado warnings. Who knew? I always thought with the mountains that the tornado wouldn't get enough speed to really do anything. Well, I have still yet to see it, but that's what all the weather stations are saying at least.

They are also predicting more rain, thunder and lightning and flash flooding. GREAT. Oh well. At least with all that stuff going on Mother Nature is telling me to take a day off from running today. Which is fine by me, it's 86 degrees and humid! No thank you! So glad that R4J and I ran yesterday instead of today!

Oh but for some actual exciting news. According to my Twitter (melpeabody if you want to follow me) Bart Yasso will be at the Burlington City Marathon AND he is doing a 3 mile fun run Saturday morning! Umm heck yes I will be running Saturday with Bart Yasso along the water front. EEK I am soooo excited. I wonder what his "easy fun run" pace is? I hope it's under 8:30m/mile so I can keep up!!!!!

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