Friday, May 27, 2011

Bart Yasso

So I tweeted to Bart yesterday saying I will see you there. Meaning, I will see you on the waterfront at 8am to run 3 easy (easy for him, may be a struggle for me) miles. I never ever ever expected to get a tweet TO ME back from HIM!

@melpeabody see you tomorrow I will post more details today.

Generic? Yes! BUT he tweeted to me. I am really juvenile with my tweeting abilities. Proof, my amazing, oh so supportive husband often tweets the things that I say about twitter as he finds it hillarious about how silly I am about it. I often tell him tweets that he should write so this is what I say: "pound hasbrowns pound pound hasbrowns tweet twit pick hasbrowns pound pound"
- Yes, I thought hashtags were hashbrowns in that moment of exhaustion.

I rarely am on twitter but thought I should give it a real effort before I proclaim its stupidity. I often go on to post pictures of me eating the groceries I bought on my lunch break that were supposed to be for our dinner - sorry again Alan but that fresh bread, cold sharp cheddar, and chuttney was just calling my name for an afternoon snack at work! My co-workers agreed it was delicious! Don't worry there was enough for dinner and Alan got some. I am not that cruel.

Clearly I don't keep up with twitter and its seriousness as some do, ahem, Alan! However, with some lessons and advice from Alan - you should have people on twitter that you are following that you have no idea who they are, or you know who they are because they are famous or are really great in a field you want to learn more about, but there is no way they know who you are. So I took his advice. I started following Kara Goucher (I mean, she knows who I am, I know who she is, we actually run a ton together everytime I jet off to Oregon on the weekends to train at the Nike training center) but the others, like Bart Yasso I do not know. EXCEPT I WILL SOON! Yes, I am 3 years old and am super excited!

I am at work, and everyone here is tired of hearing me talk about running and talking about Kara gou who? so I am sure they wouldn't care a bit about Bart Yasso! BUT I DO, and I BLOG, so I get to share with you! Aren't you so glad you read my blog?

Ok that is it for now. You better be sure I will do a recap tomorrow. Wish me luck!!!! I hope a lot of people turn out for the run tomorrow. Or maybe, I don't? How cool would it be if it was just Bart and I chit chatting the 3 miles away? OMG I am going to pee my pants! Now onto what to wear......

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  1. So cool! Can't wait to hear how the runs go, awesome!