Friday, May 6, 2011

No Regrets

4.5 / 38:04

This morning I got up, went to work and was there for an hour and a half before leaving. I felt like crap. I came home laid on the floor with Sirius, watched tv, napped and then at 2:30 went to my Physical Therapy appointment.

Afterwards I was feeling better, but feeling like a total sloth so I figured I would try to get in a good sweat session. I knew I didn't want to push it and didn't want to go too far but figured I would go to the end of the bike path and back.

I really had no motivation what so ever to even do this smallish run but forced myself regardless. I kept saying over and over and over, "you have never regretted a run, but you have regretted more often than once or twice not running when you knew you should have." So off I went.

It wasn't a great run. Sirius was tired and hot - he is blowing his winter coat and over heats easily right now due to the excess amount of fur he still has. But it was cool and breezy out. It is so true. I don't regret going out for a little jog at all.

my splits weren't great but hey, they are better than if I hadn't ever gone out to begin with right!?!?!


  1. Sorry you're not feeling great. But I'd be happy with those splits on my best day!

  2. I'd take those splits any day!