Friday, May 13, 2011

See ya at the Eiffel Tower

9ish miles / 1:25ish

I rode my bike to work today and then rode home, changed into my running attire and then ran to pick Sirius up from A-pods work. Then we got to do something exciting. I got to run with Running Mama. We made a plan and since I don't carry my phone with me we set a time and a place for me to meet up with her and her handsome little man. It felt like I was setting up a date to meet in the future and how everyone always picks the eiffel tower. Yes I am a huge goober!

Anyways our run was great! I had so much fun chit chatting the miles away. It is just so nice to talk to someone my same age (I am only SLIGHTLY older than mama - that's my story and I'm sticking to it!) and talk about life, running, babies, dogs and hubbies. It has been a while since I ran with a friend and just talk the miles away. It was great. Thanks mama for running with SWP and I today!

After meeting up and then departing with Mama SWP and I went the rest of the way back to Alan's work and then begged him for a ride home so we wouldn't have to run anymore. Ok, SWP was begging and I wasn't going to pass up a free ride! My Garmin battery died along the way after departing from Mama and when we left her it was around 7.5 and it looks like it stopped at 7.88. So I have no idea what my final mileage was but I am saying close to 9 and probably close to an hour and twenty something...Who knows!

Below is Mama and my time splits. Mama says she isn't fast but I think we had some good time splits. I am certainly not complaining! It was really warm today and my legs were tired. SWP was also being a slacker so the pace was great!

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