Sunday, May 29, 2011

Less than Ideal

It's currently 7:20am and I've been up since 6. I am planning on leaving my house at 8:30 to walk down to the start of my leg. I have the weather channel on right now and am stalking the weather channel website and also local news station weather forecasts. No big deal, but its 90% humidity right now. That should definitely not impact my running. They are still saying a chance of thunderstorms around 10am and a high of 82 degrees. I am going to run to the effort that I know I can. If that's an 8 min/mile pace, that's great. If it's a 10, 11, 12 min/mile than that's what its going to have to be.

I am nervous, didn't sleep well last night and my stomach is in knots. I hate this feeling but it's this feeling that pushes me during my training. I hate this feeling, but I don't know if given the chance if I would wish it away.

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