Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sweat session Saturday

5.7 miles / 44 min

I went to the gym bright and early today and hopped on a tread mill. After running .7 miles on one of the treadmills I just wasn't feeling that particular treadmill. I felt like I was running really fast and it was set at 7.5 mph. I usually run comfortably at that speed on a treadmill and boost it up to 8.0 or faster. I hopped off and jumped on the one right next to it. Perfect. Felt like I was running at the pace it actually said on the display. This is the 2nd time I have run on the first treadmill and the first time I wasn't as smart as I was today and stayed on it for my whole workout. The whole time I felt defeated as I had to keep lowering my speed just to keep up. Clearly the treadmills at my gym are not in tip top working shape - shocking I know!

After changing treadmills I felt great. I did a speed/comfortable run and really enjoyed it. I really love running in the morning because I zone out in a good way. I am present in the moment but my eyes semi glaze over and I just start to stare into outer space. I feel like this helps me when I am running because I tend to forget how uncomfortable I am and I just get through it. Clearly I have to be more present when I am running outside but I relish in my zoning out moments. It almost feels like my legs and everything else is working so hard that my brain has to turn off in order to get everything moving as quick as need be to stay on the machine! Maybe this is why my treadmill times seem to be at a quicker pace than outside?

Workout one done. Next up? A run/walk with Alan and Sirius downtown to pick up some mother's day stuff. Happy Saturday everyone!

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