Friday, May 20, 2011

Rainy run

7 miles / 60 min

I went out for a run today and figured I would do two different loops each being 4.5 miles. I really wanted to get in 9 miles today. I thought that if I broke it up into two and went on the first one by myself and the second one with Sirius then I would definitely be forced to go back out for the second one and give me motivation to work a little harder since Sirius would be so excited to be out running.

My first 4.5 miles went well I took a different route than I usually go on and it ended up being slightly hilly which was good. I worked hard but didn't push the pace too much. I got home picked up Sirius and then headed out for the second half. Well, a few minutes the rain started. Not a big deal. I didn't bring my hat that I just bought, but whatever. I can run in the rain. We got a mile into the run and then I heard thunder. I took a survey of all the things I currently had in my possession. Sirius's collar has a metal loop on it, his leash was bungie cord material so that was fine, but attached to the leash that is wrapped around my waist was poop bags, and 3 keys. I am fairly certain that Ben Franklin did a similar experiment in the past with some keys in a lightning storm. So, I figured, I could either keep going and hit my 9 mile run mark, OR I could be safe, not selfish and turn around. So that is what we did.

The last little bit I really started to pick up the pace as the lightning was more frequent. I started to get nervous so really tried to push Sirius along. However, he just recently realized that he can lift his leg and pee on things so of course he has to try it out all the time, which is usually fine however, today was not the day to be marking every single tree, bush, bench we come along.
It only shows 6.83 because for the first part the Garmin couldn't locate a satellite so figure my distance is more 7 miles and probably around 60 min. It was a little slower than what I wanted to run at today, but figured with the hillier route, Sirius being a numb nut and wanting to pee on everything and the rain I think I did alright.

The first 4 miles was along the hillier route that I normally don't go on. However, it was a great route and was about 4.5 miles so I think I will start incorporating it more into my training.

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  1. Yikes! Good call coming back in with all the lightening!