Wednesday, May 18, 2011


4 miles / 1.0 incline/ 31:30
60 min body pump

this is a short one as I just hopped out of the shower and Alan and picking me up any minute to take me on a spur of the moment mid week date! Gotta love a boy who still wins me over even after he won! Love him!

I did an "easy" 4 miles. I didn't really do any speed work. Just kept it at a regular pace with a 1% incline and tried to go as far as I could. My head was pounding before I started and figured I wouldn't make it very far. Well I went all the way until I ran out of time or else I would be late for my pump class! I was surprised. Not only did I go further than I thought I could due to my blurry vision, throbbing headache that is going on day 4 now and my left leg hurting but after my run, I felt soooo much better. Dare I say my headache strength is weakening?!?!?! THANK GOD!

Ok Alan is here, gotta go!

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