Sunday, May 22, 2011

Didn't run, but did clean up a storm!

So, I didn't go for a run today. I figured I would take today as a rest day and do a run monday, tuesday, wednesday and then really taper and not run thursday, Friday or saturday. Sounds like a good plan to me if I do say so myself.

Back to cleaning. I vacuumed up a storm, then took off the hose and got on my hands and knees and did all the cracks and crevices around the floor. After I did that around the whole place I then scrubbed the bathroom floor, toilet, counters, mirrors etc. The bathroom hasn't ever sparkled as much as it is right now. I even vacuumed the couches to try to get the fur off. That didn't work so well. Good thing they are slip covers over 25+ year old couches and they will be going into the washer soon! I also finished four loads of laundry. Oh yeah, I forgot about the kitchen. I re-organized the cabinets, washed the counter tops, put some appliances away that I don't use often and re-arranged the items we leave out on the counter.

I feel like things are a lot more stream lined and cleaner now. Well cleaner because they are clean, but also not so cluttery. I absolutely hate clutter and can't stand nick nacks that collect dust. Must be the way I grew up. My grandmother was a huge pack rat and so my mom went the total opposite direction and would throw everything away. I think I definitely inherited more from my mom.

Speaking of cleaning. I am absolutely obsessed with Seventh Generation products. I used to buy Method, but didn't really like the products all that much. I then switched to Myers, however the products by Myers is really expensive. Some things I will still buy because I like them so much but others just wasn't worth the price. So, being a good Vermonter, I wanted to buy local (even though now 7th gen is a huge company). I am glad I tried them out. I love their bathroom disinfecting spray, their dish soap and their all purpose spray. I have tried their laundry detergent before and enjoyed that as well. I am planning on going back once my Tide runs out. I like 7th gen because things are clean, but you aren't killing yourself with those harsh fumes. You can get no scent or they also have scented items too. I love the lemongrass scent. Just smells so fresh! LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Ok. I promise, tomorrow is back to running! Be prepared to see my "rough draft" of my Key Bank City Marathon playlist for NEXT SUNDAY! Definitely nervous, but excited!

OH i forgot the best part of my 1950's housewife day I had. I made a chicken pot pie! I will post the recipe along with photos of the finished pie!


  1. I'd love to see your Burl. Marathon playlist! I hope to actually see you in Oakledge on Sunday. What time are you expecting your runner to come in?

  2. I think my runner will be done at like 2 hours or so? She is battling an injury so it might be a little after 2 hours but that is what she did at the unplugged. It will be so great to see you at Oakledge too! When do you think your runner will be there? I take it you are running the 2nd half?

  3. Love the Seventh Gen, too. The laundry detergent even gets the stink out of running stuff.

  4. I use vinegar instead of fabric softner and that gets out the stink from running clothes soooo well plus it makes things really soft, and it doesn't smell like vinegar. Plus its a fraction of the cost of fabric softner and more natural! You should totally try it sometime!