Sunday, May 15, 2011

Rain is washing away my motivation

Today is another rainy day in good ol' Vermont. It has been raining a lot this spring. It is usually pretty rainy this time of year but this is by far the worst it has ever been. With the record amount of snow fall this winter and then with the exorbitant amount of rain, the lake has reached and exceeded flood level and it is really causing a lot of issues for home owners and also the roads! It is insane. Last week was a full week of sunshine and it totally spoiled me. This weekend and this whole next week rain is in the forecast.

5 day forecast courtesy of the local news station...

Tried to get the 10 day from but this was the best I could do with my screenshot tool.

Clearly, my lack of motivation due to the rain needs to change pronto! I am used to running in inclement weather as I ran all through the winter. However, for some reason, rain bothers me. I don't mind it once I am out there, but getting dressed and figuring out what to wear is annoying. I don't want to wear heavy stuff as it will only get heavier. My rain coat is a little big and isn't comfortable due to the size of it. (EMS is having a deal on their rain coats, maybe a smaller size one will have to be purchased for my runs?) I just bought a hat today, but before that my hair would be in a rats nest from the wind and rain. Should I wear shorts and a tank or long sleeves? All these issues build up and give me a sort of anxiety where I just say eff it and don't go out at all. The snow is easier, its cold but not wet and you dress warm and move along. Rain is tricky. I need to figure it out and deal with it. Clearly sooner rather than later as the rain is not going anywhere anytime soon!


  1. I wore a tank, capris, rain jacket and hat and it was perfect. I bought my rain jacket at Womens Source for Sports- it's by Asics and I love it!

  2. I almost stopped in there today while I was out and about. I have a rain coat from EMS, its the EMS brand. It's fine for walking around etc, but its a little boxy to run in. I might have to check out women's source for sports to see if I can find a more fitted running rain coat OR just deal with the wetness. I saw a guy running shirt less with shorts on and no hat. Oh to be a buy with no hair! hahaha!

  3. Oh man- this vermont weather bums me out sometimes!!! I needed to get my 12 mile run in this weekend but I also don't like running in the rain anymore! Did you ever get out there? Maybe I'll get the long run in after school tomorrow. Are you getting excited for Burlington? What is your longest run going to be before Memorial day?