Wednesday, May 25, 2011

running with mama and jack

4.5 miles / 46:40

Today I got to run with R4J again. I really enjoy our runs together. It really breaks up the mileage when you can chat them away with someone else. Plus, it is a great motivator to run with someone when you really don't feel like running! Today, again, the miles seemed effortless and passed really quickly as we chatted the time away. Running with someone else is completely a different experience than running alone. I have run alone for so long so it is so nice to have a change! I am really hoping that her and I can make weekly dates to run and keep them throughout! hint hint!

R4J is thinking about making the Garmin purchase and the sales women that I am I told her all the great things the 405 can do. I let her wear it during our run to see if she liked the fit/feel of it. Then after our run we went back to my place to show her how easily it sync's with the computer and how effortlessly it shows you your map of where you went, your pace, the splits, the elevation etc. etc. etc. Seriously, you would think that I get a profit from Garmin with how many 405's must have been sold since I purchased mine! But seriously, I feel like this was the best investment that I have made in my running hobby.

After today's run, I am really looking forward to the Marathon on Sunday, seeing my friends and completing the race knowing I did all the proper training, and that I should, no matter what, be proud of my time. This is my return to KBCM and I am way more excited, and better prepared than my first attempt in 2008. I am just excited to finish the race. In 2008 I ran the first half and am excited to run the 2nd leg and see the whole experience. YAY. I can't believe how soon it is now! Woot woot!

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