Sunday, May 22, 2011

Tapering, what's that?

I really don't know how, or don't really care to learn about the proper ways to taper before a race. Next week, exactly, is the Key Bank City Marathon. I, as all of you know, am running the 2nd leg of it. Which when you say that to people they go, oh, so how many miles is that? Well, it's a marathon so 26.2 miles and I am doing the 2nd half of the whole thing which would be 26.2 / 2 = 13.1. GEEZE and I thought I as bad at math. Anyways, not to get off on a tangent. I really don't know how to taper. I don't really "train" per se for these races and have some more half marathons in my future. Next one being in the beginning of July I believe, unless I want to throw in another one before that...

Anyways. Seriously though. How do you taper when you aren't necessarily training? I don't follow a training program and I know just from books, researched etc. that you need to take it easy the week leading up to a race but how easy? Friday I did 7 miles, yesterday I did 9 split up into two sessions and the second session was with Alan and it was "his" workout not mine.

Yes, we used to get in "fights" because I would tell him to pick it up, or to run further and faster and blah blah blah and then he would have to remind me that I am not his Personal Trainer, that I am his wife, and he is just getting started with running and that this is "his" workout. So therefore, whenever we workout together I have to preface our workout with my own so that ours can be his later on. It works for us, don't judge us! haha.

I don't want to have tired, dead legs next sunday, but the weather has turned beautiful and it seems like every day has beckoned me to come out and go for a run. Any thoughts or advice? What has worked and what hasn't worked for people out there? Can I do 5-7 miles daily for the rest of the week or should i really have less mileage than that? When should my running stop, or significantly decrease, slow down? Friday? I was planning on taking Friday and Saturday both off but thought running up to Thursday would be ok? Is that a really bad idea?


  1. I can't tell you how many people ask how far is half of a marathon and are astounded by the answer. It makes me nuts. I guess they don't know how far a marathon is?? Obviously, I am not even running so what do I know (sad), but from past experiences, save your energy for the race because you want it to be a GREAT run. You know you can do the miles and want to be able to put everything you have into it, so it's best to take it easier than normal. Even when your muscles are itching to move. Mine feel like they are going to crawl out of my skin. Might have to head to the YMCA! for the pool. Unless you want to sneak me into the Edge? :)

  2. I forgot to mention that most half marathon training plans that I've read (and also never followed to a T) don't have much of a "taper" anyway.