Friday, May 6, 2011

My sights are set

I am constantly looking for more races to run. Last year I was really big into the shorter races - 5k's. However, this year, I feel like my endurance is up there and I can handle the longer runs. After the Key Bank City Marathon May 29th I didn't have much on my radar. Well, that changed recently. a friend sent me the following info on this gem

Mad Marathon is being held in the Mad river valley and supposed to be quite scenic. They have a full, a half and also relay options. As tempted as I am to try my hand at a full, I still am not feeling like I am there quite yet. I think I will save my full marathon debut for next year's Key Bank Marathon. Plus, running a full in the middle of July, 5 days before my birthday doesn't seem ideal to me. BUT I have done crazier things so I might change my mind. However, I am quite excited for this race. Bonus: finisher medals. WOO HOO!

The course description talks about rolling hills, however, I think that if I work hard on my hill training and keep running up Mt. Philo and doing lots of intense hill/mountain work then hopefully it wont be too much of a killer.

However, the course description also talks about how scenic it is, and also you get to run through a covered bridge. Yay. The covered bridge marathon in Woodstock is a race I have always wanted to do, however, with it selling out almost as quick as Boston, I have yet to get a slot - maybe next year. So with one covered bridge along this course then it will feel like I am in the covered bridge marathon for a few minutes maybe!

Who else is all geeked up with race season this year?
I feel like this year I am in a completely different place than I was last year. Last year I did short distances and was just learning on how to really train. I am faster this year but I feel like I can go for far longer than I could have dreamed of last year. Makes me excited for the endless possibilities for the coming up years. Also excited that apparently females don't start to peak with their training until their 30's. Something I guess positive to look forward to!

Any races on your schedules yet that you are looking forward to?
I am really excited for Key Bank at the end of May. Also now looking forward to the Mad Marathon and am still toying with the idea of a long weekend in Providence, RI to do the rock and roll 1/2 in August.

What are some goals for this year's racing season and how are you training to achieve them?
Training is new for me and feel like I am such a newbie with it, but I am trying to do at least one speed day, one long run day, and one hill training session. The rest of my workouts are reasonable distance and trying to run at a good pace that isn't too tough but isn't too slow either so that I can continue building my endurance up so that my long runs and other training runs aren't too tough.


  1. I'm obsessed! Can't wait can't wait can't wait to get this year's racing season rolling!

  2. I just signed up for the 3 person relay! I work at an elementary school in the Mad River Valley and yes, it's super scenic! I'll see you there!

  3. I have some friends running the full. I think I'll just be "running for fun" for awhile after Key Bank though. Need to save $ and can't keep making my work schedule around races with the busy summer season starting! Might still be available for cheering!