Thursday, January 20, 2011


So since I haven't posted on here for I think about a week I will try to recap all the runs I have done. (there haven't been that many!)

January 14th Ran 6.5 miles / 58 min - outside with my fave running buddy Sirius Wiki - beloved husky and about the only other person that can run with me in this frigid weather we have been having.

January 15th Ran 4 miles / 31 min - treadmill style

This past summer I got into barefoot running and started using the Vibram five fingers. Well I ran all spring, summer and fall and had absolutely no issues or ailments to hold me back. Lately, while running with regular sneakers (there is snow on the ground don't want to lose any of my five fingers due to frostbite!) I have been getting knee, hip, ankle pain. Much like I had before using the five fingers. SO I figured the days I run on a treadmill I can run in my five fingers and the rest of the days I can run in regular sneakers until there is no more snow and the temps raise above 50 degrees. So I used them for the first time in several months. Yup could definitely feel every mile and have been feeling every mile since then. Oops. Maybe I should have weened into them again. I didn't think running on them after only a few months of neglect would be so painful.

January 17th Ran 7 Miles / 1:05:00 Outside

This was a COLD run. It was -3 when I ventured out. I think I looked like an abonimal or whatever it is called, snowman. I had two pairs of pants, two pairs of gloves and five shirts. But I did it, and so did SWP. Granted we both had frost snot hanging off our noses but we did it and we slept well afterwards on the floor, together. Because that is how I roll with my dog! After re-reading that, it sounds very beastious or whatever. Nothing funny going on at the house. Just a dog tired nap.

January 18th Ran 4 miles / 29 min - Treadmill style

This sucked. Again I ran in my five fingers because clearly along with horrible spelling and comma usage I don't learn from mistakes fast. Still feeling those miles in my calves. I would like to say I finally learned my lesson, but that is highly doubtful.

and lastly

January 19th 1 mile / 8 min - Treadmill

I was sore, and tired and my stomach hurt. How many more excuses can I come up with to make myself feel better about 1 measly mile. Oh well. I have a few more days left in the month and have 33.5 more miles that I need to log in order to reach my first months goal and get me on track to run 1,000 in a year. ay ay ay.

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