Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I love me some gu.

I take it usually before a run that I want to do that will be longer than 3 miles. If I am heading to the gym I will do a gu before going on the treadmill. If I suck then at least it will help me get through body pump. Fave flavor is Espresso love and the chocolate. I like the espresso because it has twice the caffeine and I feel like it gives me the most bang out of my workout. I also like the jet blackberry for the same reason. The chocolate tastes like brownie batter so it tastes delish!

I recently started using gu after reading other running blogs and reading about how much they help you get through long runs. I will now always run with a gu. I think running without gu's is one of my rookie mistakes from the last time I started training for the marathon. I made SEVERAL rookie mistakes but this might have taken the cake. How could I have expected to run 13.1 miles on an empty stomach? It was ridiculous! Hopefully with the aid of gu, and proper running attire (no cotton Walmart wife beaters as a running tank!!!) I will finish the half this year with a better time and a more enjoyable experience all around. If you haven't trained with gu, I highly recommend it!


  1. Where do you get this GU from?!?!?!

  2. Sports shoe center, EMS and Dicks. They also have Gu chompers that are like candy but I like the Gu the best. Easist and quickest to swallow and continue on my way!