Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Like I needed that anyways

So today at work the Red Cross van showed up. Mandi and I signed up to donate blood. I was guilted into it, and figured misery loves company so I got her to sign up as well. Things were going great. Her and I were drinking TONS of water, PEEING A TON, and as a treat we ordered Mexicali. In total today I ate a honey wheat english muffin with almond butter. An apple and a banana chopped up for a snack. For lunch I had a chicken taco, some chips and a small thing of chili. I was ready. I was hydrated, I had tons of food in my stomach I was good to go. We both go in. Get the finger prick test and then asnwer the questions. I get done first and am on the bed about to get started when Mandi comes out and says that she can't do it. Her iron levels weren't high enough. From the anxiety of being in the situation, having a kink put in the plan I lose it. I start to cry. I convince myself that I have come this far that I can do it, and should do it. So I do. M sits by and stays with me and talks to me that whole time while I donate for the both of us. It went better than I thought and I will definitely do it again. Hopefully next time she can do it with me and we can both contribute to saving more lives.

Due to my blood donation, no running for me. Which is fine, I have a dentist appointment anyways that I have to go to.

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