Monday, January 24, 2011

Garmin Love

I have been reading several blogs and the main theme is, if you want to be a runner and continue being a runner and possibly take it to the next level and really improve, then You HAVE TO HAVE a Garmin. So, I did it. I bought one. I LOVE IT. I bought the Garmin 405 in my fave color, GREEN

I have had it for several weeks now. I got it a little after Christmas as a present from Alan. (he bought me a green ipod nano but they re-designed the nano's and they are so dang small now so I returned it and used the money for the Garmin. Thanks A POD you are the best!) Ever since I purchased it and have started using it I have noticed a definite increase in my mileage. Now that I can track my pace and how far I am going and my calories I am burning I am noticing that i want to go further and further. Which is not a bad side effect at all. I also love how it automatically syncs to Garmin connects website so I can see the map of where I went. Apeezie always asks where I went on my run and I get tired of telling him all the street names so this way I can just show him. SO NICE. I think he enjoys that too! I love it so much. Now my friend M is getting her Garmin (ordering it today) and we can be Garmin buddies. I am so excited! I cannot wait for hers to come in and watch the love affair begin :)

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  1. I can't wait to get it and have you teach me how to use it! I hope I love mine as much as you love yours.