Sunday, January 30, 2011

Grab Bag

This is a grab bag post. Random thoughts and no real topic at all.

1. I did surgery on my feet last night. I had a blister that covered the whole bottom heal on my right foot and then it went up the back as well. So I cut into that and realized that there was a blister on top of a blister. So I cut into that. After all the liquid came out I cut all the skin away and I have like a baby heel now. So soft and smooth. Doesn't hurt at all. Just really weird to have a millimeter of thick though skin surrounding baby smooth skin.

2. I realized that my black toe nail on my index toe on my right foot was really a blood blister. So I popped that, and drained it. I did the same on my right foot because over the weekend I realized that I was getting yet another black toe nail.

3. I am really hoping that today is a nice day. I think its supposed to be. I really
want to go for a nice run with SWP. I slacked yesterday and didn't do any outdoor run with him. I really need to do a run today with him and really am hoping it is like how it was yesterday, warm, sunny, maybe a few snow showers. I really just can't wait until early spring when it is
crisp but warmer and not below 0.

4. I really want these two pairs of Nike tempo shorts and am trying to show restraint and not purchase them. Alan and I are trying to save money and I don't NEED them. However, I have lost weight and a lot of my shorts that I own are really baggy and big and don't fit right. Valentines day is coming up, nothing says I love you like Nike Tempo Shorts, Alan! (hint hint)

and if you REALLY love me and want to get me more than 50 dollars worth you could throw these things in too!

That's it for now. Hopefully I will be posting another post soon with some high mileage and a run recap!

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