Friday, January 21, 2011

a lot happens in a year

A year ago today I picked SWP up from Canada. He has been and will always be the best import from our neighbors up north. In the past year Alan and I have struggled with being first time parents. Potty training, teething, basic training things like sit, stay, down, wait. It has truly been an incredible learning experience for both A peezie and I. I love SWP more than I ever thought I could. The first night we got him I wanted to return him immediately. Now, I couldn't imagine not having him. He has truly enriched both A and my life. We both are running way more than we ever had in the past. (me, with my mileage increasing, and Alan has actually started running) So thank you Sirius Wiki for being a great dog and loving us and teaching us all that you have to offer. We are better people because of having you in our life and I am so blessed to be your mom. I am looking forward to many many many more years of having you in my life and many many many more miles for us to run together.

Now back to the floor and snuggling with you!

On the way home from Montreal with Sirius in the car.

After we got home he bombed it to his bed.

A year later, still pathetic

Family photo from last weekend.

Love you SWP

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