Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I don't really know why I chose to say hello via spanish. I guess I got annoyed and impatient staring at the Title section long enough that i figured why not spanish, and why not just hello.

Anyways. I am trying to keep myself accountable with my work outs and trying to propel my goals into reality. So with that said, here is so far my work outs that I have accomplished this month. (11 days so far!)

Week One
January 3rd - 3 miles outside
1 mile on the treadmill

January 5th - 3 miles on the treadmill

January 8th - 5 miles outside

so the first week of January I have 12 miles under my belt. Not horrific, but too many of these weeks and I will never reach my goal.

Week Two (so far)
January 9th - 2.5 miles (walking/running with A-pod) outside

January 10th - 4 miles via Treadmill (under 30 minutes baby!!!!)

Off to a better start this week than last. Oh well. Still lots of days left in the week to really slack it up!

Speaking of, maybe I should state what my goals are. Oh God, once they are out there, no taking them back. I am highly terrified of failure and by stating my goals outloud into the world of blogger then they are out there and fail or succeed no turning back.


- complete 1,000 miles in the year 2011.
I thought about lowering it to 500 just so that I wouldn't fail. I didn't whimp out, I put what I actually wanted to complete. Gotta tell you, it doesn't feel all that great right now. I kind of want to vomit a bit from my nerves (i am so highly over dramatic)

- complete a 1/2 marathon in 2011
Easy enough I suppose. I did my first 1/2 in 2008 as a bridal bootcamp. My time wasn't anything epic and am hoping to smash my previous time in 08 in bits by a great fantastic time in '11

- complete a full marathon. Really anytime in my life and that will be just fine with me - but ultimately, would like to complete in 2012.

Those are all my hopes and dreams that I have in my life (such the dreamer, ay?) but I am sure that I will think of some others to add to the list. Ones that are actually attainable? Maybe.

So that is all folks, that's all she wrote (she being me, obvi!)

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