Wednesday, January 12, 2011

another one bites the dust

WORKOUT - 4.5 miles outside / 40 min

I totally didn't want to work out yesterday after work. However, a good friend said, "you're never going to reach your goal of running, by not running!" So I took my chocolate mint gu and out the door I went with SWP in tow.

It always makes it easier to keep going when you don't want to with Sirius. He looks up at you while running with his tongue out, and his ears back and it just looks like he is smiling. If he could talk I am sure he would be laughing and saying, "c'mon, lets to faster. I can go faster. I can go further. SO LETS GO!"

It is so true. Having a dog definitely makes working out better, more fun and last longer. I had every intention of only doing a mile, maybe two. 4.5 miles later I was done. Not because I had nothing left to give, but because my fingers were numb (it was 18 degrees out) and I either had to do another lap or call it a day. I called it a day. That's fine. Not every run will be double digits. However, I haven't done a double digit workout in quite a while. Something that I will need to get re-acquainted with as I am training for some serious races coming up!

Hope you had a great run/workout and are feeling proud of yourself.

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